Invest less and gain loyal customers using Instagram!

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Nailing Instagram as a Small business owner doesn't need to be overwhelming.

Master the essentials of a strong instagram presence so that you can:

  • Connect with your customers

  • Reach new audiences more effectively

  • Develop trust and loyalty 

And ultimately...

Increase sales!

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as a Small business owner, you probably realize how important it is to be on Instagram...

Are you using social media to its fullest potential?

Let's face it. Making time to be present on social media is challenging.

Between setting up the account and figuring out what to post, most of the time social media just falls to the wayside!

Maybe you haven't made it a priority because its:

  • CONFUSING: how do my posts get seen? What's a hashtag? 

  • FRUSTRATING: why aren't people talking to me? How could this even help my business?

Workshops Spring 2018:

Thursday, April 19th at 10am: Instagram for Small Business Owners (click to reserve your spot!)

Tuesday, May 22nd at 5pm: *Special* Strategies for Instagram Stories

Wednesday, June 20th at 10am: Instagram for Small Business Owners

After 2 hours with me at the workshop, you'll be best friends with Instagram.

We'll cover:

  • Why Instagram is key for establishing and building your business
  • Instagram metrics, and how you can use them to bring your Instagram presence to life

Expert help, right there when you need it 

During the workshop, you will be able to ask questions and take action towards establishing your Instagram presence.